Friday, November 18, 2011

THE FLINT RIVER.......Where does the water come from? Where does it go?

The Flint River headwaters start in East Point in Fulton County and runs under the runways at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. The river drains a watershed containing 8,460 square miles. The river is 344 miles long and flows through Sprewell Bluff State Park and then thru Albany. It drains into Lake Seminole where it joins the Chattahoochee River.

According to the Flint River Keepers ( there are many people and groups needing this precious resource. The #1 user is agriculture using approx. 2.3 billion gallons per day during the 6 month growing season. There are 24,000 permits state wide for irrigation. I would like to point out that pivot irrigation is a very wasteful way to irrigate crops. Much of the water is lost to evaporation. A more efficient way is the use of pipes and ditches. The #2 consumer are  power plants and #3 are the municipalities along the river. Our future and ability to prosper as a nation is based on the amount and availability of clean water. If you don't believe this...look at Africa. (Disclaimer...this info was provided by the Flint River Keepers.

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