Friday, July 31, 2015

QR Codes…What Are They?

Have you been seeing these funny images around? Well they were first used to track parts and inventory and now you see them everywhere. They are now widely used in  Real Estate marketing. You might see them on a flier, yard sign or advertising medium. These images can quickly direct you to a website, blog, YouTube video, directions, phone number, text and much more. See the following examples.

QR code to my Website (

QR code to my Blog

Free QR readers can be downloaded on your mobile device  from the Apple or Android app store. Simply scan the code and you are taken to the site (website, blog etc.)!! Also many of these readers can actually generated a QR code. I took a screen shot of my smart phone code generator.

Although this is only a partial shot, I can generate a QR code for the following: website, phone number, text, GEO location, email address, contact card, SMS and event. The options are limitless. It is a great way to market real estate, try it!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why A Drone?

I have become super interested in drones and doing a lot of research in preparation of buying one and that day finally came..... I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Advance.   Drones are also known as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).Why a drone? Well to begin with I believe it will be an important tool for my land brokerage business and I believe it will help sell more property. A drone  provides photographs (and video) from oblique angle that are awesome! If you are buying a large tract of land, farm or ranch you really want to see lots of aerial views including satellite images.

The software even records your flight and photo/videos!!

There are many uses from drones and some include:
Agriculture - "Agriculture, far and away, is going to be the dominant market for UAV operations," according to Gielow. The precision agriculture movement uses technology to monitor fields, increasing yields and saving money. Gielow noted that precision applications of pesticides, water, or fertilizers, which drones can help by identifying exactly where such resources are needed. Drone cameras can spot where nitrogen levels are low, meanwhile, or watch the growth of a specific field section, can also help farmers. Drones with infrared light cameras can reveal plant health by reflecting how efficient photosynthesis is in various plants. The uses of drones in agriculture are endless.

Security and reconnaissance – commonly use in police force and military. Drones can photograph suspected illegal activity including immigrants crossing the borders so law enforcement can react in a timely manner. The military uses drones to deliver munitions.

Photography (Real Estate) – Drones deliver great aerial photographs from oblique angles. However, change is on the horizon. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 tasked the FAA with implementing clear-cut regulations allowing for the commercial use of UAVs, by no later than September 30, 2015. In the meantime, Realtors ® are in a wait and hold pattern.

Entertainment -  use for simple recreation these vehicles are just fun! However images and videos are commonly used in sporting events, film making, the list is endless.

Commercial – Even Amazon has on the drawing board plans to deliver packages in urban areas.

As you can see, the uses are endless and this in not a comprehensive list.

Have fun and fly safe!

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