Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I OWN PROPERTY ALONG A CREEK… What does Erosion and Accretion mean?

I am glad you asked. In many cases the creek is actually the property line and as you know creek can move over time. There are two processes that affect creek movement. Let’s define both:

Erosion: Erosion is the general name for the processes that break down rocks (weathering) and the processes that carry away the breakdown products (transportation). The physical processes of erosion are called corrasion or mechanical erosion; the chemical processes are called corrosion or chemical erosion. But most examples of erosion include some of both corrasion and corrosion.The agents of erosion are gravity, ice, water (eluvian erosion) and wind (eolian erosion). In the case of your land… the creek can eat into the bank and decrease that amount of land that you own!

Accretion: Slow addition to land caused by the deposit of water-borne sediments. An increase of land along the shores of a body of water, as by alluvial deposit. In the case of your land, the deposit on the inside of a bend of the creek or river is building up over time and increasing the amount of land that you own.

WHY IS THIS OF INTEREST?  If your property as along a body of water such as a creek or river, you can either lose or gain property i.e. if the centerline of the creek is your property line and the creeks moves, your property line can move as well !!

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