Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BIG TREES.... a bygone era!

   I usually write informational blogs but decided to do a fun blog. Many of you know I am a Registered Forester. I grew up camping in the Appalachian mountains with my family and that is why I possibly went into forestry. I have always been interested in logging pictures and big trees. As a matter of fact many of the roads in the Appalachians were originally  railroads constructed by the logging and sawmill industry. Following are some pictures I have acquired over many years. 

   I am thankful that many of the big trees are now being preserved but certain trees like genetically improved Loblolly are meant to be cut and used for lumber and paper products. A forester friend sent me an email with the following.......Notice: It's OK to print this e-mail.  Paper is a plentiful, biodegradable, renewable, recyclable, sustainable product made from trees.  Producing paper and other forest products utilizes a renewable natural resource, sequesters additional carbon and provides jobs and income for millions of Americans."

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