Tuesday, September 29, 2015

8 Things You Should Know When Buying Vacant Land or Lot!

I sell a lot of vacant land and there are things you need to know. Hopefully this will prepare you for your purchase of land. This is not a comprehensive list but this will help aide your decision!!

1.   Location – The old adage location, location, location has been worn out. But wait, we’re talking about YOUR money. You might be buying that tract of land to retire on but plans can change. You have to be cognizant of the fact that you might have to resale. Value and demand are primarily determined by location.
2. Utilities – What utilities are already available. You will need water, sewer (or stepic tank) and electricity. If these are not in place, talk to the right people and get estimates to have them provided. 
3.   Cost – There are other cost associated with buying property other than the purchase price. These might include closing cost, title insurance, surveying etc.

4.  Zoning – Make sure your intended use is compatible with current zoning regulation. You don’t want to buy a tract of land with the idea of raising cows or horses if that is not a permitted use. Of course you may apply for a zoning variance, but this can be expensive and time consuming.
5.   Covenants – This primarily applies to lots in a subdivision. Be advised there could be ‘Home Owners Association’ dues. The covenants are there to protect you and the neighbors. Just  make sure that the size house and the architecture of your home is compatible with the covenants and restrictions in the neighborhood. 
6.  Access – Very important topic. You may be buying property on a public road but there could be cost associated with putting in a driveway. Some property is accessed by easement. You need to know: 1) width of the easement 2) are there use limitations such as hauling timber out and 3) who can use the easement, are there other neighbors who need the easement for their access.
7.   Property Lines – Can you find the property lines? Is there was a recent survey. Property line (or boundary line maintenance) is so important. It can prevent people from using (or hunting) your property and help deter ‘adverse possession’ claims.

8.   Flooding – Is any part of the property in a flood zone. This is not all bad as these areas are great for maybe a pond or lake. In addition these areas provide a lot of habitat diversity for wildlife and may even create some good duck hunting. These areas are not suitable for a house and will not pass a soils test for a septic tank. There are 100 year flood maps available for your review at

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I LOVE Real Estate!

     1. It’s a People Business - You meet some very interesting people with varied backgrounds, interest, education etc. I have learned so much conversing with sellers, buyers and other Land Brokers. Hopefully my passion  about LAND is transmitted to a potential sellers or buyers. The Real Estate business is all about 'people'.

     2.  Helping People – This is huge! There can be many pitfalls along the way and if you are not careful, mistakes can be made. I am a ‘Registered Forester’ and an ‘Accredited Land Consultant’ with over 3 decades of experience related to land management, real estate and forestry. I decided to use that experience and knowledge and help clients navigate through the decision process. Investing in LAND is a huge business decision so you need competent people on your team.  Often clients need help with:
A.    Zoning – What are the permitted uses?
B.    Ponds – Is the property suitable for a pond or lake?
C.   Timber Estimates.
D.   Cost Allocation – Allocating cost between the bare land and the timber.
E.    Soil Maps
F. Flood Maps

I can help with these and other topics of concern!

 3. I Love LAND – This career allows me to visit some beautiful land and see  some special places. I am very fortunate to do something I love!

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